Merry Christmas, Vortexans!

Merry Christmas, Vortexans!

Here are the details for our 2013 Boxing Sale:

Thursday, December 26 - CLOSED!
Friday, December 27 - 25% off - 10am - 10pm*
Saturday, December 28 - 30% off - 10am - 10pm*
Sunday, December 29 - 35% off - 11am - 6pm*

Discount applies to all USED vinyl, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray. New vinyl will not be discounted.

Also, we put out a ton of vinyl in the past couple days, both classic and contemporary pop/rock. That stuff will be pulled before the sale as it hasn't had a chance to sell yet -- if there are titles there that you're keen on, grab 'em before we close for the holidays!

If you'd like to get the jump on info about our future sales, you should sign up to our General Mailing List.

Merry Christmas to all you celebrators!

*AS ALWAYS during our boxing sales, we reserve the right to close early if there are too many people in the store late in the day. The posted closing times are the times we want to leave, not the times we want people to show up. Please be courteous and arrive early so we don't have to feel like monsters for kicking people out or refusing entry.

During the sale, we also ask that you refrain from bringing us your items to sell. It's simply too busy for us to properly evaluate items and inventory needs during the sale.

Thanks for your co-operation and understanding.